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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  October 14, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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have to tell you. also the latest information after an explosion levels a house sending four to the hospital. and we talk about a fairytale wedding inside walt disney world. you can have one, only it may empty your wallet. take a look at that, october baseball, progressive field, they are getting set to play ball. indians and blue jays, first pitch in just over an hour and it looks fantastic. good evening, i'm russ mitchell. jimmy is off tonight. the players and fans are ready, it is time for cleveland to shine again. we have team coverage but first, dave has his take on game 1 of the alcs. hello.
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and welcome inside progressive field as we get set four-game 1 of the alcs, indians and blue jays. it is great to be inside of this field, cleveland's waiting a long time for this, 2007, the last time the indians were in the alcs, and they have not been to the world series since 1997. really, rare air tonight as we have game 1 and you have your ace on the hill, corey kluber at home. you have to like the indians advantage, i think it is important that you get off to a good start and get the game because if you lose to toronto, you go there 1-1 or are up 2-0. you don't want to head there 3- 0. we have some business to take care of, the pitching staff has dealt with so many injuries and we have another one. trevor bauer cut his hand while working on a drone, a hobby of his, and will not pitch in game
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will now start game two. trevor bauer had to have 10 stitches on his right pinky finger, his throwing hand. doctors say he can go monday and it won't be a problem. i still think that is a big concern. any time something happens to your pitching hand before you are about to pitch in a big game it is a concern but the indians don't seem to be concerned. two hot teams coming into tonight's game, won six straight, indians coming off of a sweep of the red sox. blue jays have just been five playoff games because they had to win the wild card and knock off the orioles before they advanced to the alcs. let's see if the indians can get it done and move on to the world series. it starts tonight. i'm dave chudowsky. let's go outside for a check on the weather. >> reporter: i totally had somebody crashing my live shot,
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coming down to see us. fans are now heading toward the ballpark, everybody is asking, how is the weather? the weather is fine. we have a beautiful night going on, i don't know if you can still see the moon in the east, and clear skies continuing. 60 degrees in downtown cleveland, we'll be in the 50s as we head through the rest of the evening. there is a look at the forecast, light southerly breezes, much of a factor but if the ball gets into a good wind current it will be heading out to the bleachers. low 50s for the duration of the game and as we start the day tomorrow. coming up this weekend we turned the tide. temperatures will warm up but we bring rain chances back into the weekend forecast. we will talk about that coming up in just a little bit. >> betsy at progressive field, thank you. tonight, former indians first baseman andre thorton will throw out the first pitch,
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14 years with the cubs, expos and indians. he played here in the late 1970s and early 80s hitting three high career homers. hoping for the sweep, we were sent these pictures,, showing off their spirit, look at those guys. we are sure so many fans will be sending us these pictures, at the game, at a bar, not these guys, i hope they are sitting at home. they are hoping to boost the economy as our fans hoping -- as are fans from toronto. don't forget, hockey is also going on. fans raising the banner into the rafters at this moment, there fans are mixing with the
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the indians are not in the playoffs is usually a little bit quieter. not this weekend, business is booming, thanks to the indians' layoff run. business cleveland expects there will be an additional $775,000 in wages, we also have tourists in town, with toronto being a five hour drive. many came down for the cavaliers raptors game last night and are spending the weekend watching baseball, two. remember, those -- watching baseball, remember, those blue jays fans are not just from toronto. they actually came as far as saskatchewan. >> we went to the cavalier game last night. we had the game 12 before we left, we just got a confirmation that we have tickets to game 2. we had
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i think it is cheaper to come down here and go to a cleveland game rather than doing it in toronto. >> reporter: that is surprising. scott brought his father here, they are spending all week here but have been pretty impressed with our city. the best part, all of those blue jays fans and every other fan coming into town is spreading the word in canada. when we go to canada in summer to visit, they will come to cleveland because they are seeing what we have to offer. back to you. >> fantastic. more on tonight's game in a few minutes. super dave is going to come back with us live, now an hour and two minutes he gave -- away. a house explosion in port clinton this morning, when is it say it was as powerful as a powerful tornado. the blast sent four to the hospital. >> reporter: it was so strong it could be felt up to a half- mile away from here, even knocking tvs off of the walls of a showroom.
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up to it. pictures from the beacon ottawa county's paper show the moments after the explosion on east harbor road in port clinton, destroying two homes. investigators say a blast in one home caused a fire in the other, while shooting debris across the street including the front door. police pulled a couple in their 60s from the rubble of the blast, they were their 60s at the home of the fire was taken to the hospital and released. >> everything happened at once. i saw a roof go up and then, just, sprinkling pieces. all of this. i felt a bus hit me in the chest. >> when i pulled up, i had never seen anything like this other than the tornado in 2010 for the amount of damage. that is what i was comparing this to, for this has to be completely level. for me to get here and them telling me that there are four people still alive, they are very fortunate and blessed that they are life.
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some time but we are learning that there were reports from neighbors of the smell of gas, and the couple in the home had only begun to use their heat. andrew horansky, channel 3 news. president obama made another blistering attack on donald trump's character while in cleveland this morning. the president spoke at a rally at an airport. he talked about his claims yesterday -- he lk conspiracy to bring him down as well as sexual exploitation. >> it is always beneficial to see the folks who talk to us. but, if you are tough, you don't make excuses. you don't are complaining about the refs before the game is done. >> he also urged ohio voters to back hillary clinton and get to the polls early and vote.
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assault. in north carolina he criticized the appearance of one of the women accusing him. he also said he has no idea who these women are making accusations. >> they are 100% made up. they never happened. they never would happen. i don't think it happened with very many people but it certainly is not going to happen with me. >> trump also talked about hillary clinton's deleted emails and said ag q end quote. some consumer news, you can bring home all of the cuban cigars and all of the rum that you want, say the obama administration. they lifted the decades-old $100 limit on cuban rum and cigars brought into the u.s. this is part of a new round of executive actions designed to increase trade and travel. you cannot order them online, and have them shipped to your
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online for deals at office depot on thanksgiving day but the retailer will not open stores that day. they were open last year. they are the latest retailer to stay closed, opting to open instead at 6 a.m. on black friday. coming up, we go one-on-one with indians president and get his take on the big series. shark attack. what made a great white count hits way -- his way into a
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the clock is counting down to first pitch in the american league championship series between the tribe and toronto, dave chudowsky just finished talking with indians president, chris antonetti. >> reporter: i'm with the indians president of baseball operations, chris antonetti. unbelievable in the alcs, first time since 2007. you've got to be pumped up. >> we are really excited. this is what you work for and play opportunity to win the alcs central, and when the alcs. >> reporter: i don't think people understand how rare this is, this has not happened since 2007, you have not been to the world series since 1997. but is not going to be easy unless -- against this blue jays team. >> you are not going to get to this point in the year and find teams that aren't good.
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that we have our work cut out for us. >> reporter: this could have not worked better out for you in the regards of your not able to get it done monday, you have your ace at home where this team has played well all year long. looking at it it sets up well. >> we are confident going into game one. we've got corey out there ready to set the tone, josh and trevor right behind him, we are in a good spot and can play well and see what happens. >> reporter: you bring up about that. what exactly happened? an issue with a drone and have to have -- had to have stitches on his pinky? >> that is correct. thankfully it is a spot that does not grip the baseball and he should be fine. >> reporter: no concern? when you think of the throwing hand, looking at it, it would be a concern maybe for indians fans. >> we wanted to give him a couple of extra days. he has already thrown and
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affect his pitches because it is the outside. he will heal up and should be fun. >> reporter: the good news is the way that tomlin has been pitching he slides right in. >> we want both guys to pitch twice in the series and now flip-flop the order. josh has been throwing so well for us, did a great job in september in a tough environment. he came through and made some really good pitches. >> reporter: i cannot wait it's going to be unbelievable. >> it's funny, sandy was saying the other night, game 1, it was as loud if not louder than any time he can remember. it makes a big difference. >> reporter: chris antonetti, thank you for taking the time. lovely we get off to a win tonight with the blue jays. i'm dave chudowsky, back to you. coming up we talk more baseball. take a look at the pitching matchup. it is a chilly night, kind of crisp. will it warm up for your weekend plans?
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welcome back. did you hear about the gorilla that escaped from its enclosure yesterday? so not. we just got video. this is the moment the 400 pound gorilla got away and ended up in what is being called a secure keepers area. it was subdued with a tranquilizers dart and under control. also this viral video shows a great white shark reaching an underwater diving cave off the coast of mexico. it happened after the shark
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the shark finally broke free. the diver inside of the cage managed to evade the shark and was not hurt. keeping with our animal theme, after months of rehab, nine sea lions were sent off into the waters after rehab. they were released where hundreds of other sea lions live. if you have always dreamed of a fairytale wedding, this story is for you. in january for the first time couples will be able to get married in front of world kingdom at night. this will be after the park is closed for the day. you can have up to 300 guests, the cost is not so magical, and a fantasy for most people, $180,000. betsy is back at progressive field. it is only game 1, so i'm guessing tickets for tonight are not $180,000. as we go on to the world series, those prices are going to go
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going up. we have been asking questions of those offering tickets for sale and so far the prices have not been terribly astronomical in my opinion. they are elevated due to service fees but, you know, that's how you play the game a little bit. when you are buying tickets on the street. hey, let's go, tribe! let's look at the forecast for tonight, 8:08 start, it will be chilly. temperatures will be in the low 50s as we clear skies will continue. looking forward to tomorrow, it does look like it's going to be a phenomenal day in downtown cleveland. 4:08 gametime, temperature, 75 degrees. it just does not get much better in the middle of october in downtown cleveland. here is why. we have a storm system coming across the northwest corner of the country which will stir things up a little bit. meantime, we have some clouds to the south of us.
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see those high, thin clouds in the southern sky throughout the day today but increasing clouds tomorrow are coming from the west and that cold front pushing across. in advance of the cold front, look at the temperatures that have to come our way. the cool air that we have seen so far, frosty temperatures, mercury on the rise, and it will stay elevated as we head it is not until a week from today that cool temperatures make a return. mostly sunny from the start of the day, very seasonable for this time of year but notice the jump we make. southerly breeze at a pretty good clip. upper 60s to around 70 at noon, partly cloudy at 5 p.m. and 75 degrees. beautiful weather setting up. here is your hour by hour forecast, 8 a.m., temperatures in the 40s, mostly sunny, skies
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we will see partly sunny skies as we go through the middle of the day, there is your 4:00 gametime stock, that will continue, clouds will increase and thicken up for the evening but it does not look like we have any rain coming in saturday. sunday however things begin to take a change because the front gets closer to us. we start the day warmer, 60s in the morning and by midday, well into the 70s. we could even have a few 80 degree marks on the map depending we get but right now i hold onto the clouds in the forecast. 7 p.m., scattered rain chance comes in through the evening, better chances arrive overnight and into the start of the day monday. we have high rain chance is coming late on sunday but otherwise, sunday is dry. here is a look at your water forecast, nearshore water forecast, south, southeast wind, waves at two feet or less. we stay at waves at two feet or less for saturday. sunday, rain chances arrive
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with 2 to 4 feet expect it with those south southwest winds. temperatures hold in the 70s all the way through sunday into monday, even 81 on tuesday and then things will cool off tuesday as we head toward the end of next week. >> bring me back a dollar dog. this is not dollar dog night i presume. >> i don't think there is dollar anything at progressive field. [ laughter ] >> those service fees you were talking abt. even worse. we are getting close, gametime, what, about 50 minutes away? dave will give us a preview
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progressive field as we get a set for the alcs, you are looking live at progressive field. first pitch at 8:08. we are less than an hour to go. i have been waiting for a long
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championship in chicago. hi, everyone. dave chudowsky with you as we get set for the indians. trevor bauer has to have stitches, so josh tomlin will pitch tomorrow. let's get to tonight though as the indians have been working all week long to get to tonight. the good news is plenty of rest as they wrap up their series -- wrapped up their series against boston monday. i remember talking lindor, he told me how much he wanted to bring this city a championship and play in october. he's got his wish. >> i'm looking forward to it. they've got a great team, great players, a lot of different players that will impact the game. i'm looking forward to it. looking forward to what we are capable of doing and what they are capable of doing as well.
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>> your is your pitching matchup. on the hill, corey kluber, plenty of rest as he goes against the blue jays tonight. let's talk brown's. they take on the titans sunday and hope to get their first win of the year, cody kessler starts, the backup. they do not want to start josh mccown with an injury, kevin hogan will be the backup in the way that things are going, chances are you will see hogan. cavs in chicago tonight, and, raising the banner at the q tonight. cleveland. you are feeling pretty good about this, right? >> reporter: i feel pretty good about tonight, for sure, kluber. thank you so much for watching. "entertainment tonight" is next. constant update that we'll see you back here at
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brad pitt reunites with his kidses. >> whatever's got to be done to keep the family together. >> inside the supervised vs and who was a no-show. >> then billy bush on the attack. his secret weapon for taking on nbc. >> we're going t with full power. >> plus we're inside the prince tribute concert. ?? ? >> the legend, the surprises -- ?? ?? >> then, you have also been a hypnotist. bryan cranston's crazy past careers. a matchmaker, a minister. >> walter white married us. >> honey! >> we're hanging with tom hanks in italy. >> okay. okay. >> why he's teasing his bestie ron howard.


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